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In march 2020, 120 students from Kuben upper secondary school in Oslo took part in a 30-days change experiment. It was then when a global pandemic hit and changed everything. This podcast (in Norwegian) explores what happened from the perspective of its protagonists. 

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The Austrian open-schooling network aims at raising young students’ awareness, competencies and critical engagement towards climate change. 

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The Climate House aims to be a meeting arena for sharing, reflection and action on climate change. This ambition aligns well with the SEAS project’s objectives.

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The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus and therewith linked measures by the Austrian government made it necessary for the Austrian local network to adapt to a changing environment.

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It is for Terrestrial citizens living now to make the story of the future different. The task is to provide opportunities and support for individuals and groups to engage in transformative action, a key message in another book published in the time between approval and start of SEAS.

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How can we equip students with the learning, experience and supportive structures they need to reach their fullest potential as citizens and active participants in creating a sustainable and equitable future?

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As 126 students at Kuben secondary school were experimenting with change in their own lives the world was hit by the largest change experiment in decades; the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to take perspectives on change suddenly became very relevant as the impacts of and the responses to the pandemic also made its way to Oslo.

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Waste and pollution are among the most pressing environmental challenges today, according to Estonian students- and the long-term strategy for Estonia.

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Misinformation about human-caused climate change has become relevant in recent times creating confusion among the public, resulting in part in the inaction on this issue.

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Highlights from the Italian ChangeLab Workshop.

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Based on the logic of the LORET tool, a piece of wooded land owned by the Gotland municipality in the vicinity of the school was chosen as the focus our work on local sustainability: a school forest.

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The new context for SEAS, not imagined only a few weeks ago, highlights open schooling’s amibitions towards community well-being.

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Beyond pandemics: via glacier, environmental ethics and tourism to human-induced climate change.

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