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Students are encouraged to go to the streets to raise their voice for climate protection, in order to convince more politicians of the importance of acting now. A new tool can help.

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First insights from the GAI (Global Assessment Instrument)

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How LORET can help teachers to unlock the pedagogical potential of addressing real-world problems in education.

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A short reflection on two cases.

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An open schooling project like SEAS is not only a relation between organizations, places and people, with their different aims, practices, tools and ideas. Open schooling is also a mixture of different rhythms of time.

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Thinking about how to make a difference.

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It’s 9 o’clock in the morning and I’m waiting for the group to arrive at the biodynamic farm. The mist rises 2 meters above the ground and little drops of water cling to the little plants in front of me.

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Teachers that are authentically committed to teaching about sustainability issues and make a lot of effort to design creative lesson plans and education activities deserve the best possible support.

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In December 2020, fifty students and teachers at Frederik II upper secondary school completed an interdisciplinary sustainability project where they experimented with one sustainable change for 30 days.

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