Publications and reports

SEAS aims to contribute to spreading excellence and widening participation in the creation of open schooling science learning collaborations across formal, informal, and non-formal learning settings.

We will do this by providing tools and knowledge resources as well as the sharing of best practices by dissemination, communication and exploitation for diverse user groups and needs. For instance, SEAS will provide a booklet (paper and digital) targeting SMEs, NGOs and community well-being organizations, and a policy paper for curriculum designers and school owners. SEAS will also provide publications for a scientific community.

SEAS reports

The Communication and Dissemination Plan outcomes the specific actions regarding the project communication and dissemination activities. Pointing out the channels and target groups to communicate the project. This document is evolving together with the project.

The SEAS Data Management Plan (DMP) is a narrative, and a guideline, about the use and storage of different data types generated throughout the SEAS project. The uploaded version is the first version, the one approved by the Commission, but the DMP is an evolving document.

The first SEAS Annual Local Assessment report documents findings concerning open schooling for learning towards sustainability in six European countries. 


​​​​​​​This document describes SEAS’ ChangeLab framework as a set of guiding principles that can help in setting up a shared framework and methodology for the stimulation and implementation of trans-sectorial, inclusive, interdisciplinary, open-schooling collaboration. 

This document provides conceptual descriptions and definitions of the key concepts that the SEAS project draws upon to formulate its objectives and modes of operation.