Open schooling-project in Norway recieves funding

"Skole i verden" will connect schools with other stakeholders to contribute to community wellbeing.

Students at Frederik II upper secondary school. Photo.

Students from Frederik II upper secondary school work with their exhibiton "Hope in plastic" (photo: Fredrik II-vgs og Alfredo Jornet Gil).

Skole i Verden is a project, a network, a concept, and a pool of methods, tools and resources for schools and stakeholders interested in fostering the empowerment of schools, youth and citizens to engage in complex sustainability challenges and collectively work for transformative change. It grows from experiences gained and tools/methods developed through the international project SEAS, and takes its own life by capitalizing on current and growing collaborations between schools and out-of-school actors in Norway to support school innovation.

Open schooling

A key concept is SEAS is “open schooling”, where schools collaborate with other stakeholders to contribute to community wellbeing. Skole i Verden connects schools in and outside Oslo and stakeholders (NGOs, firms, municipalities, teacher educators, etc) and facilitates collaboration to in which students learn as they actively participate in addressing real challenges and issues of relevance to the local communities in which they live and/or study.

Video: students from Fredrik II upper secondary school in Fredrikstad share their views about open schooling.

The project is financed by the Norwegian Research Council for two years, from April 2021, and the funding will support the following developments:

  • A website to connect partners and resources
  • Seed money that schools and out-of-school partners can apply for stimulating collaboration and project development
  • A yearly conference where schools, out-of-school actors, and researchers can share the knowledge and experiences through open schooling projects.
  • A website is currently being developed and will be announced soon.

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By Alfredo Jornet Gil, professor, Magnus Heie, Department of Teacher Education and School Research University of Oslo
Published Apr. 28, 2021 1:40 PM - Last modified Apr. 28, 2021 2:28 PM