Estonian local network

Within the SEAS project the centre has co-designed and is piloting an educational programme for lower secondary school pupils on sustainability issues and challenges.

The co-design process has included other traditional and non-traditional stakeholders:

Girl working in a lab. Photo.
Photo: Science Club activities, Energy Discovery Centre.

The Centers Science Club started in the beginning of the schoolyear 2020/2021. 22 students (14-15-years old) started in the Club and take part of the weekly base educational activities in the Centre or online. The programme touches upon relevant topics of sustainability in the local context and feature hands-on activities, project-based learning, as well as field trips to relevant locations and SME’s.

The pilot has co-designed and overseen by the stakeholders (see list above). During the pilot, questionnaires, interviews, and assessments has been done to examine the process of learning and the practices adopted.


Online exhibition


In the dissemination phase, the Centre will design an online exhibition, that will be shared within network of the Estonian environmental education centres, and accompanying

People walking in a park. Photo.
Field trip to local parks, Energy Discovery Centre.

pedagogical materials for designing educational programmes on sustainability.


The relevant case studies and best practices emerging from the pilot will be shared in the environmental education centres network and in the Estonian pedagogical communities, with the outlook of creating and supporting other open-schooling networks with a wide range of stakeholders.