ECER conference presentation video summary

This video shows a presentation at the ECER conference about the implementation of environmental and sustainability education (ESE) through ‘open schooling’: education practices where schools, in cooperation with other stakeholders, contribute to community wellbeing and sustainability. It reports on how the Belgian SEAS local network aims to organise teaching and learning in a way that allows students to engage in identifying, exploring and tackling key sustainability problems in their communities.

We investigate how schools implement open schooling through the LORET (Locally Relevant Teaching) methodology that offers teacher teams a step-by-step procedure to plan locally relevant sustainable development teaching that is adapted to local needs/conditions while, all the same, allows to teach subject knowledge and realise curriculum objectives.

The analysis focuses on ESE educators’ professional development and, in particular, on how LORET challenges established teaching habits and routines and how it may result in a transformation of customary manners of teaching. The paper presentation presents the theoretical and analytical framework of ongoing research and illustrates it with preliminary findings based on the analysis of LORET workshops and interviews with participating teachers.

Published Jan. 25, 2022 2:53 PM - Last modified Jan. 25, 2022 2:53 PM