Kuben Makes a Change- an experiment with sustainability

The students at Kuben upper secondary school in Oslo will experiment with a personal challenge for 30 days to explore what it takes to create a greener world.

Photo of Kuben school and the text Kuben Makes a Change

#KubenMakesAChange (photo: Kuben).

The challenge

The students have chosen their own project related to climate and sustainability in the month of March. Examples include bicycling to school, experimenting with preparing vegetarian food and re-designing clothes as an alternative to buying new. The students will get guidance during the experiment, including knowledge about climate changes. As stated on Kuben challenge webpages (in Norwegian), the students sharing their experiences is an important part of the project. “Kuben Makes A Change” contributes to learning about themes such as democracy and sustainable development.

How are they doing so far?

Just into their first week, the students are working out how to practically manage their challenge. For those eating less meat this means planning meals. For those biking to school that means making sure that the bike is OK. For those aiming to save water and electricity by taking shorter showers, the timing of their showers has become important. Some of the students are aiming to pack their own lunch boxes and not buy anything in the canteen. These students are getting organized, setting their alarm clocks, and getting up early to make their own lunches.

In the coming weeks these students and their teachers will experience challenging situations, they will experience when change is easy and when it is not. They will definitely get reactions, both positive and negative, from family and friends. It is going to be exciting to following each of their journeys.

One of the students writes about his challenge: "My first day as a vegetarian was easier than expected. It seems that my family also took part in the experiment, since there was no meat for dinner that first evening!"

The aim of the project

The aim of “Kuben Makes a Change” is to give the students insights and knowledge into change and to give them an opportunity to become aware of their own role in change processes.

By focusing on experimenting with change, rather than cutting emissions, we shift the focus from “being the best” to learning about the processes of sustainable transformation. This involves reflecting on how behavioural changes are influenced by larger systems and structures, as well as by individual and shared beliefs, values, and worldviews. In this way, sustainability it not just a part of the education at Kuben. Sustainability is something the students engage with.

The students will use the cCHALLENGE tool, an online tool that will be used to support participants` engagement in sustainability challenges, and share their data on Kubens webpages.

The project is part of the «Skole i verden»- network ("Open Schooling network"), which brings together students, teachers, families and local actors to support transformative learning and active citizenship in the local community. In particular, this local network aims to boost the innovation and exploration of new ways of learning by building bridges between the school and the local community. Kuben Makes A Change is in participation with cCHANGE.


Tags: sustainability, Kuben upper secondary school, cchallenge By Magnus Heie, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, Linda Sygna & Annabel Mempel-cCHANGE
Published Mar. 6, 2020 12:30 PM - Last modified Dec. 3, 2020 1:15 PM