Karen O` Brien receives award for her work on climate change action

— Some of the most powerful levers for this transformation come from education, and from the media acting as disseminators of evidence-based knowledge on climate change, O`Brien states when receiving the award from the BBVA Foundation.

Karen O Brien. Photo.

Photo: University of Oslo.

Professor O`Brien is awarded the BBVA Frontiers of Knowledge award in the section Climate Change for her work. O`Brien is co-funder of cChange, a partner in the SEAS project, and one of the main researchers in the SEAS team.

— Climate change is an issue that goes beyond the environment; it is also a social and cultural challenge. Adaptation to the effects of climate change requires a profound transformation in three spheres – practical, political and personal – that also act upon each other, O` Brien quotes to BBVA.

She shares the award with geographer Ian Burton, Emeritus Professor at the University of Toronto and Neil Adger, professor of Human Geography at the University of Exeter.

Read more in the article from BBVA, where there is also a video interview with the award winners.

SEAS congratulates professor O`Brien with the award!


Published Jan. 19, 2021 2:55 PM - Last modified Jan. 19, 2021 2:55 PM