SEAS is present at Europe’s largest science education conference

ASE Annual Conference online will take place during 5 days in January and February. 

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Photo: Pixabay.

The first session titled “How addressing change in science education for sustainability can support educational development?” will be run by the cCHANGE team where also other partners are involved. Experiences in Norway, Estonia, and Italy show that there are opportunities in teaching and learning, interdisciplinary collaborations, and the way school-society interactions happen. This session is scheduled 12.15 pm till 1 pm (GMT) on 12th of January.

The second session is titled “Science education for action and engagement towards sustainability” will be run by the University of Innsbruck team. This session focusses on the potential of open schooling in fulfilling the demands of education for sustainable development by giving insight into good practice examples from Austria and Sweden. Didactical concepts as well as findings of collaborative practices in educational settings will be discussed. This session is scheduled 11 am till 11.45 am (GMT) on 12th of January.

The third session titled “Why is it (more) important to bring science education outside of the classroom?” will be as a panel lead by the project coordinator Erik Knain (University of Oslo). A discussion about the need for new learning settings and what are the benefits for science education. What are the tensions and dilemmas involved? Sharing experience with other open schooling network (#OStogether) projects. This session is scheduled 12.00-12.55 (GMT) on 26th of February.

More information regarding the programme and tickets can be found at the conference web page.

Published Jan. 10, 2022 11:26 AM - Last modified Jan. 11, 2022 9:10 AM